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Image Examine for yourself an actual Diligence Quadrant Report. (36 KB)

Once a client selects a winning candidate, the Diligence™ methodology guides the GMR recruiter through the job offer and negotiation process, counteroffer risk mitigation, and GMR's long term New Hire Monitoring Program.
Diligence™ maximizes client productivity by presenting a select few, highly qualified, rigorously challenged and pre-screened candidates.  The methodology assures hiring managers and HR professionals that the candidates they interview possess the highest probability for long-term career success, dramatically reducing cost-to-hire and maximizing employee retention.  Retention statistics show that 96% of GMR's placed candidates stay with their new employer in excess of four years, even when the job market is in peak demand.
"GMR is by far the most professional search firm I have worked with.  They take the time to fully understand & document hiring requirements before they begin a search.  GMR never flooded me with resumes and candidates that they expected me to qualify.  Candidates always came to me prescreened and qualified to my specific requirements.  The value to me and my staff was in the time it saved and the fact that we were able to fill openings with top notch professionals."

Russ Robinson
Graybeard Consulting
formerly CIO, Randalls Food Markets

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